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Feed - Mira Grant

I put this book down about ten minutes ago, thought, "dear god, that was depressing", ruminated for a bit, and then reached for my laptop. Please excuse me, as I'd love to write an excited review about intrepid bloggers, zombie-ravaging, and conspiracies, but the ending rather threw me for a loop.


I did enjoy Feed, as I usually enjoy political intrigue with intermittent zombies; it's a niche, though one that includes utterly banal villains as part of the deal. (This complaint only applies to the human antagonists; the zombies preformed quite satisfactorily.)


Otherwise, Grant has very much done her homework and the world she has built is bleak, cowardly, and well-researched, from the van to the geography to the tech. And in the end, it is a novel about a pair of siblings, their quest for truth, and their war on fear.


'The zombies are here, and they’re not going away, but they’re not the story.'

-Georgia Mason